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The City Below - The Sewers of Solis mainly murder

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Sewers Section

Ever forward thinking, the first builders of Solis cut tunnels and passages into the rock upon which they built their city. In places they used natural caverns and cuts, in others they dug and chipped and excavated, until they produced a system of sewers that would ensure their fair city remained that way - fair and free from the stench of humanity and the threat of disease and death.

Oh how they miscalculated in those early days. The tunnels they made were way beyond the need for such a small city. It was oft said that there was more Solis below ground than above! It was not long before these sewers were usurped by an undercurrent of humanity, rough and unruly, the scourge of the Hinterlands. They found shelter and made this dark and twisting underland their realm. But it was never more than a shadow of the city above, at least not in those eary days before the Schisms rent Solis apart from within.
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