The Solis Media
Guide to painting miniature figures


  So, you want quirky stylised shields 'like wot orkie boys got in War'ammer' or proper jobs like in heraldic reality? I only do 'Orkie Boy', so tough.....  
Orkie boy shields with added 'comedy noses'

Banners and shields allow for some great fun. Milliput added to shields makes them a little less boring. Add a nose whole face if you have a big enough area. Even a bit of relief can make the shield look a part of the figure rater than an addition (which is what plastic shields did for Citadel figures). And you can go to town on the standards and banners of course with lots of gore and severed heads and thats just for the Paladins....

My basic shield painting is a contour/shade hybrid which attempts to push the shadows back and make the picture 3 dimensional. Less is more as they say, so I simply pick out the detail on the shield rim with silver bronze or gold (see the section on armour for my guide to creating good metallics). lots of practice with colours and copy stuff in magazines.


A simple flat shield is a great starting point for a face detail. Dark brown base, as per usual... then a build up of deep red/dark brown, gradually fading to mid red, then pink tones. The bright white e=yes and teeth really make the shield stand out.  
Whilst I do like to paint stylised faces on shields for impact, sometimes just plain painting looks really good. This orc has a war-worn shield with paint coming off and great gouges taken out.  
The shield colour can be used to supplement accessory colour on 'bland' figures where there is little in the way of detail. This is especially true for armoured figures where the scope for colour is sometimes limited to a strap, belt or scabbard. These orcs have a common red theme that binds them into an impressive unit.  

I like to keep banners simple. Strong colours and simple designs draw the eye and appear striking. If you add too much detail, you run the risk of loosing the design in among the artwork. It doesnt always follow though, and I have seen some stunning banners that you need to study for ages to fully appreciate the detail and content. But hey, them Orkie boys dont got no arty-boy talent, rite?

I add a few touches like spear heads, severed heads and fixings (chain, rope, hero-gut etc...) and usually a scenic base. If its undead or chaos, try a bit of milliput moss, slime or gore on the banner poles too. Don't forget that large banners need a large steady base, so fill the base with Milliput or similar, to add a bit of stability.


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