Julie Guthrie mage face detail

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Please take a look around the Gallery. All thumbnails are low quality j-pegs to save you download time. They are linked to higher quality images if you want to check out the detail. Please note, the good ones are upto 200kb jpegs, download aint quick...
This is the standard you can expect from our painting service.
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NEW 28 Jun 2000
Them Nasty Ogres.
NEW 20 Jun 2000
Some characters we used in our Middle Earth campaigns.
'ifflum the 'obbit
Hithlum the HobbitCelthoron, a cock ElfThe Party
A selection of Dwarfs from Citadel Miniatures.
Dwarf, by JG again
Some rogues and sea dogs from the Julie Guthrie Fantasy Personalities range, from Ral Partha.
Ranger (Ral Partha, Julie Guthrie)
Miss YoulotsBlack CalBabe withabladeThe SheikMaster MatesDel Boy
More JG stuff. As you can probably tell, she is my favourite figure designer.
Father Chyde (Ral Partha)
Miss ChiefMiss SpentyouthLady ShaveCap'n BloodBoom Pearlman (thanks Matt)Snee KeySling alongamax
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