Julie Guthrie mage face detail

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Updated 28 June 2000
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Painting critters tends to be a bit different to painting people. In general, contouring doesnt work well, with a few exceptions.Shading, washes and drybrushing are my three techniques of choice. Drybrushing works well for fur, and to a lesser extent feather, but be gentle on feather detail or you may paint it out!

Dont be afraid to try out patterns on your creatures. Orc Tuskers can be menacing with war paint or two-tone hairdo's.....

Shading works well for animals without much fur such as horses, especially when you mix on-figure with washes of ink or paint instead of water as your thinner/mixer. Remember to keep the paint moist or you may end up with lumps and tears.

Try to use a dark base, especially around the face to make eyes, teeth tusks and horns stand out, and work up to the lighter tones.

Remember you can add specular highlights in a much brighter colour to make the 3D effect pop out. Dont like it? Then paint over it!!!

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Need Paints?


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