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  Draken Castle, Eisen mainly murder


Schlos Drachen is a setting we drew for a 7th Sea adventure written by Mark Caldwell, printed in issue 21 of Valkyrie Magazine. It is well worth picking up a copy of the mag to play it. With a foreboding atmosphere, dark plotlines and sinister characters at every turn, this adventure is a swashbuckling classic!

Not played 7th Sea? Its a rip-roaring game with a cinematic feel and great rules that allow you to get the feel of heroic daring-do! We recommend it highly - you can buy a copy online at our shop!

You could easily adapt the scenario to fit most fantasy games.

castle in eissen, from 7th sea roleplaying game

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Standing lonely sentinel on an exposed craggy ledge, high above a thundering mountain torrent, Schlos Drachen, surveys the surrounding lands with a brooding malevolence.

The seat of a petty lordling, the castle provides an ideal setting for a 7th Sea adventure in the harsh lands of Eisen


plan of an eissen castle

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The castle, all towers and gargoyles, grows from the mountain crags, its foundations rooted deep in the stone itself. Impenetrable? So they say, but the folly of man cannot last an eternity.


dungeon layout of fantasy castle

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Deep in the heart of the Old Keep lie the dank, fetid dungeons. If you are lucky, your cell will at least have a window. But all you see is the dramatic ravine that falls away into the mist below, where ravens circle and wheel in the eerie halflight. No hope floods in with the light through this narrow window, just a realisation that Schlos Drachen is, afterall, impenetrable. Or at least, unescapeable.....

Can you escape the clutches of the Eisen Princeling? Alive? Ha! We doubt it very much.......

Well met, Sir!





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