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3rd Party Floorplans

More floorplans for free download. These are not designed by us here at Solis. They remain copyright of the original designers, we just host them here. PLEASE do not use them for commercial gain - respect the copyright of the artists! Thanks.

Floorplan Series One - Matthew Whipps

Matthew recommends printing these out on good quality inkjet paper, then glueing the sheets down to heavy card befor laminating the whole lot. You can then use dry wipe markers when using them in your games.

Prison Cells
Bloody Room
Accomodation II
Machine Room
Patterned Room
Simple Room
Pool Room
Rounded Balcony
Rope Bridge
Narrow Corridors
Wide Corridors
Summoning Room
What do you think of these floorplans?



If you want to submit your own floorplans for inclusion, please e-mail some SMALL images (less than 150k please) for us to look at to: floorplans@legendgames.co.uk

We will get back to you!

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Permission is granted for personal use only.