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C J Cherryh.
Classics: Chronicles of Morgaine, Angel With a Sword, Rimrunners, Faded Sun.

Cherryh has a way of drawing you into her characters so fast it takes your breath away. Suddenly you are living in their world, watching and waiting. Your heart beats faster, your mouth goes dry, you are in their world. You are with them, experiencing all that they experience. And you believe in them because they do what they should do, what in 'reality' they would do. They do not simply plod along with the plot as, but are an intrinsic part of it. Above all, Cherryh's work revolves around the characters she creates. She colours the lands and people with vivid artistry, creating a distinct 'look and feel' but without dictating to your imagination.

The Chronicles of Morgaine initially consisted of three books - Fires of Azeroth, Well of Shiuan and Gate of Ivrel. Cherryh wrote a fourth - Exiles Gate- some time later which was a perfect finale to an exceptional fantasy series. Throughout the books, we follow the lives of Morgaine, a strange haunted woman, hard, driven and seemingly uncaring and Nhi Vanya, a young warrior, naiive, unsure and somewhat of a liability. We delight in the magical storytelling Cherryh weaves around them, exploring their relationship as it unfolds, their interactions with each other, the people around them and history as it is made. She carries you along on the crests of the storm waves they create, and she dashes you down in the wake they leave behind, swirling with the flotsam they inevitably drag down under murky, storm tossed waves..... This kind of writing is sadly too rare.

  The Morgaine Saga

 Well of Shiuan
 Gate of Ivrel
 Fires of Azeroth
 Exile's Gate

In the Merovingen Nights series, Cherryh joins forces with other writers includind Mercedes Lackey, to weave interconnected stories around the places and people of flood-prone city of Merovingen. The city itself is canal riddled, dank and dark. From the upper, ruling class families to the canalers poleing their skiffs along its fetid waterways, its a city populated by technophobic, God fearing descendants of Earths early space farers. They are just waiting for the day when Retribution finaly arrives, when the Aliens come back to wipe the last of them out completely. On this foreign world, they argue, fight and bicker among themselves. The struggle between the classes is mirrored in the struggle within the church. Who will prevail? Adventist? Retributionist? Church of Jane? Or will it be Sword of God? Follow the lives and loves of Thomas Mondragon, Altair Jones, Black Cal and a host of characters that come alive with the first breaths Cherryh and co write into their prosaic bodies. This series is without equal. If you can get it, you are in for a treat!

The Merovingen Nights series:
( Sadly out of print, but check Amazon now and then for re-issues)

 Angel With the Sword (its not Merovingen Nights 2, as they say - its a pre novel to the series)
 Festival Moon (Merovingen Nights No 1)
 Fever Season (Merovingen Nights, No 2)
 Troubled Waters (Merovingen, No 3)
 Smuggler's Gold (Merovingen Night, No 4)
 Divine Right (Merovingian Nights, No 5)
 Flood Tide (Merovingen Nights, No 6)
 Endgame (Merovingen Nights, No 7)


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