Just a small sample of my 3D images....

All images © copyright Richard Barnes 1999

Jordan 199 (Inspire 3D)
inspire 3d Jordan 199

Dune Dancer (Bryce 2) Hopper (Bryce 2) Porsche (Bryce 2)
bryce 2 3d render bryce raytraced image porsche rendered in bryce 2
68k 71k 98k


The Scar Bridge (Bryce 2) Lonely Lands (Bryce 2)  
solis scar bridge using bryce 2 landscape rendered with bryce 2  
110k 82k  


Orion Burn (Cinema 4D) 82 Porsche (Cinema 4D)
Orion Burn sci fi using cinema 4d cinema 4d porsche
71k 66k


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