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New Items
July 2016

  • UPDATED Five Feathers Inn colour layout for a city based Inn complete with balconies and swinging chandelier....
  • NEW The Evil Wood colour layout for an orc outpost under a mountain. Ideal MERP resource.
  • NEW Smugglers Hidey annotated colour layout for a smugglers house with access to the sewers.


fantasy roleplaying conjours up dark images.....Welcome, friend to the City of Solis. Old even a thousand years ago, Canal Cursed Solis sits on a rocky outcrop at the mouth of the Dal, brooding and malevolent, a slumbering dragon with a thousand teeth and breath of flame. In the distance, the dying light of a winter sun glints silver reflection off the Canal that caused her downfall. And at the head of that cursed Canal sits Dal-Haven. Gate Guard for the City States up river, defending trade and acting as warder against the viperous thing that people call Solis. Solace, Solis, Soul- less. What was, what is, what will be.

  • City Based Roleplaying Archives
    • Enter the City Of Solis, a dark and brooding place
    • Maps and Plans
    • Courtyards and Plazas
    • Sewers
    • Thieves Dens
    • Merchant Houses
    • Temples
    • Inns, Taverns and Alehouses
    • Elaborate personalities
    • Atmospheric prose
    • Stunning images
  • Adventures and adventure hooks
    • A range of adventures for a range of games including 3 adventures set in Middle Earth
    • Ideas and plotlines
    • background images and maps
  • Dungeon Floorplans
    • Hand drawn and painted floorplans.
    • Dungeon Interiors
    • Caves and Lairs
    • Ideal for fantasy genre games using 20-30mm figures
    • Growing collection
    • Easy to print and LOOK GOOD
  • Shop for RPG related items
    • Dice and Dice related goods
    • More soon!
  • Wargaming Banners
    • Ideal for Evil fantasy armies
    • Suit 25mm figures
    • Three so far, growing collection
  • MERP related archives
    • Hand drawn maps and plans
    • Castles, adventure sites and area maps
    • Adventures with great maps and handouts
  • The Dark Ages
    • A selection of resources suitable for Dark Ages games
    • Images and maps to complement a Dark Ages roleplaying game
  • Mythical Yunnan
    • Maps and plans of buildings and places from Mythical China
    • Images and prose to complement an Oriental Campaign
  • The Solis Orbital Facility
    • Sci Fi resources
    • Ship Deck Plans
    • More to come
  • Solis Library Flash Portal
    • A different hub for the Solis Library pages
    • Not very heavily populated yet
    • Leads to same files as the HTML site
  • Figure Painting
    • Gallery
    • Hints and tips
    • Plenty of eye candy
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